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  • How should airdrops be treated?

  • How do I establish Fair Market Value without a primary exchange or end of day?

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  • Do special deductions from section 199A apply to mining and staking activity?

  • What methods under section 1012 can be used to determine basis for gains?

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  • Contribute your own thought leadership to Lukka Library.

  • Establish your firm as a thought leader in a rapidly growing industry.

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  • Are there 1099 obligations in the crypto ecosystem?

  • Are crypto firms considered payers under section 6041 or brokers under 6045 and are gains includable under section 61?
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Learn about potential exemptions

  • Can crypto losses be exempt from capital loss limitation rules and treated as ordinary?

  • Explore how rules under sections 165, 475, 1001, and 1221 may apply to crypto losses.

Crack the code on crypto income

  • Early vs. deferred recognition of crypto income

  • Avoiding character/liquidity whipsaws on crypto income events

Understand crypto lending 

  • Does crypto lending trigger taxable events and can long-term tax rates apply to shorter holding periods?

  • Can sections 1001 or 1058 be used to avoid taxable income on crypto loans?

Find where guidance falls short

  • What constitutes "authority" in the exemption of penalties given gaps in IRS guidance?

  • Learn what professionals are saying about flexibility around guidance.

Specific Identification of Virtual Currency Positions

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